At Wuzhui Bloodstock, we specialise in the selection and purchase of under market value, tried race horses in Australia to be sold and raced in Hong Kong. We identify potential purchases that are stored in a data base that is updated weekly, we then match and recommend them to potential buyers in the Hong Kong market. We generally recommend 3yo horses, as the class of horse needed to win in Hong Kong will be handicapped out of races until they become 4yo and are mature enough to beat the older horses while giving them a weight advantage.

There are no gimmicks or catches with Wuzhui. If our recommendation doesn’t win a race, we will refund our agents fee, that will be held in a trust account. Your horse breaks down to injury or sickness without winning a race, we will refund our agent’s fee.

Our fee is 5% flat of the transaction price.

Why use Wuzhui Bloodstock?

We know it is hard to trust someone the first time, we have all been let down by people we trust and love. So why trust Wuzhui Bloodstock?

Basically, we do 90% of the work required for business as strategic horse wagerers and we do not need to earn an income from this business, hence our NO WIN, NO FEE POLICY.

We can’t offer any more than that, which is why we chose the name Wuzhui. Just like Wuzhui Horse with Xiang Yu, we will never leave you and always have your back!!!

Your success is our success!

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Michael Mustac

Principal agent

Michael is a self-taught strategic horse wagerer that knows exactly the class of horse needed to win in Hong Kong.

He doesn’t recommend any multi-million-dollar, media influenced boom horses or horses with limited ability that would struggle to win a trial in Hong Kong, just to make a commission fee. Your success in the Hong Kong market is Michael’s success. Whatever your budget is, whether it’s your first horse or your 100th horse, let Michael find you a winner!

Wuzhui bloodstock

established October

We are a newly established company but rest assured, our numbers are set to grow!